A talented and dedicated actor, Tony under the name of both his real name as a reality television star and his stage name, London Anthony. Tony has appeared in over 1000 theatre, television and movie projects since moving to Hollywood.


Some of his works include General Hospital’s Port Charles, Queen Latifah Show, Spy TV, A Dating Story, Knots Landing, Melrose Place, Joe Killionaire, Dukes of Hazard, The 5th Wheel, The People’s Court, Beverly Hills 90210, Celebrity Millionaire Matchmaker, The Dream Team, MadTv, Love Connection, Britney Spears Greatest Hits Video, Neo Ned, Cops, Three’s A Crowd, Chicago Hope, Cybill, Party of Five, Relativity, MTV’s Celebrity Undercover, Inside Edition, Shop ’Til You Drop, The Anna Nicole Show, Ellen, The Dating Game, LA Heat, Airforce One, Face-Off, and the huge blockbuster hit, the movie, Contact among numerous other hit shows.

London Anthony

Emotional Monologue


Tony Boldi has participated and produced numerous film and digital projects from low budget to studio level. Tony is currently writing and producing two of his own original screenplays, “Humble Pie” and “The Ultimate Chess Move”. Tony won the New York Film Festival’s best new film of the year award.  (See for for more details)

1998 Best New Feature Film Award from The New York Film Festival


Tony Boldi has hosted numerous live shows and red carpets in Hollywood and is frequently seen on the red carpet as both a host and as a celebrity guest. Tony has also won TV Host Of The Year Award.

You are a fantastic host Tony Boldi!  Impeccable stagecraft and a smooth wrangling of complicated personalities. That is real talent my friend!

Cary Harrison

Great show Tony! You are becoming more and more like Ryan Seacrest 🙂 lol Good job!

Sue M

I’ve known, Tony Boldi for 3 years. He’s a good friend and an amazing talent. Hold on tight and be prepared because his show, is going straight to the top. One word…syndication!!

Paul D

Acting Coach

Tony Boldi has studied with the best teachers in the world including his mentor Ivan Markota Jr. and Stephanie Feury in drama, comedy, improv and hosting.  He has both managed and taught acting to some of the biggest names in Hollywood like Booboo Stewart from Twilight, Isaac Singleton from Pirates of The Caribbean and Britney Binger from the Girls Next Door to name just a few.  When not teaching, Tony continues improve on his own acting skills by studying with with critically acclaimed actors like Sir Anthony Hopkins, Josh Brolin, Matthew Perry and Academy Award Winner Louis Gossett Jr. to name drop just a few more of his friends at the Hollywood Playground with Robert Rusler.

Acting Coach to the Stars


A brilliantly talented drummer, Tony began playing at a very early age and has performed with countless celebrities and even won a Armenian Grammy for best music video of the year. Tony He has performed with numerous  bands some which include, Popstar 80s Mall Rat Tiffany, alternative rockers PIGFACE’s Lee Popa, computer industrial geniuses Vatic[A.N.], punk underground Cruel Joke and jammed with Christina Aguilera’s band as well as played percussion for the world famous ,AGAPE with Baby Bash’s Curtis Byrd to name a few.


Tony’s successful career as a band drummer turned to celebrity DJ, when he received his big break while working for Mary Jo Slater in the Casting division at MGM. Tony has been the celebrity DJ for the Hilton family for over a decade.

Drum Demo

Vatican Band

Street Player

Contact for media appearances